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Pan Afrakan Dance and Music Historical Educational Association is a non-profit organization that provides residential teaching programs to grassroot and at-risk communtiy children, youth and families providing music, dance and art classes, outreach programs and community on-site learning for ages 3-21. It has been an honor to watch the children progress in the levels of their achievement and become successful in their school, community and families.

2013-14-We are currently holding classes for teens, children and adults at Teen Imapct Center.....725 El Dorado St., Stockton, cA

Thursday- Drumming- 4:30-5:30 p.m

Afro-Caribbean Dance- 5:30-6:30 p.m.

2013-Nominated for Stockton Arts Commission-Arts Educator in Dance and Drumming.  In October 2013, I was given a very special awards.  I thank all who support me in my endeavors...Thank you Stockton for your love and continued support to make our city a better place!!!!




2013-We just started our community residential program at Aspire Schools, and behalf of our grant funding, we would like to thank California Arts Council.

We would also like to thank Modesto Junior College, and Delta College-Kids College for the wonderful turn-out in the drumming and dance classes...

This year we will be offering a scholarship to a high school dance or music student, or Community college dance or music student.

2012-Finishing up our after-school program at Langston-Hughes Academy in drumming, dance and shekere making classes...With a very special thank you to the California Arts Council.  With a vision of bringing teaching artists from the community into the schools, our program is designed to preserve and present historical education and applications which we feel are viable to our future.  We have also been given an opportunity to bridge the gap in the educational system between cultural and traditional arts of world-village music and contemporary music.   

Our two scholarship awards went to :

Chelsea Donahue-Franklin High School (Dance and Music)

Charles Williams-Franklin High School (Dance)

It is with much gratitude we are able to continue and make a step towards the solutions in our communities.  We ask for continued support.

Along with our residential teaching programs, our education is still on-going.  At this time, the Director Ms. Khemya MitRahina would like to thank all of her current inspirations and teachers who are encouraging her in her music degree programs. She will continue on in the studies of classical voice, jazz performance, theory and composition.  Much love!!!!

Anyone interested in collaborating with us to organize a fundraiser, which will allow us to continue through summer 2013...please contact us... 



In this year of 2011, Pan Afrakan Dance & Music was able to give two scholarships to high school recipients ,  one which first started with our workshops back from the very initial start out of VanBuskirk Center, and whom is a graduate of Franklin High...and the other who I mentored at Filbert Arms/Village East Housing who would come for Drum workshops and festivals back in 2004..whom is now a practicing musician..and graduate from Cesar Chavez High.  We will connect with our Afro-Cuban groups from Caribe' Festival,  and Humboldt Afro-Cuban Dance & Music

Just coming back from a wonderful trip to Africa, via Egypt...Khamitic land...and feel very empowered with the relationships that were made there..Beautiful people and along with Nigeria...is considered our extended family.

Good News...We were able to get a grant from Stockton Arts Commission, which will enable us to start our programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Stockton...We will start our first workshop in the drumming and percussion for all ages Tuesday June 7th...3-6p.m. therefore every Tuesday after.  July will be for the Dance Workshops, every Tuesday 3-6p.m., and August will be holding an instrument making workshop in Shekere's, every Tuesday-3-6p.m.  Our fundraiser will be August 6th, which we will need the community support, and our festival will be on August 27th...in Sousa Park..by Boys & Girls Club....Wishing all a wonderful summer and great happenings....

 In the year of 2009, Pan Afrakan Dance & Music Educational Association, branched out into a bigger vision.  Our mission sent us to connect in tribal peace missions and share in cultural exchange programs in Iragbiji, Nigeria.  It was there our host Muraina Oyelami, the chief ambassador of the cultural preservation of Yoruba, hosted our stay during the Egun Egun Festival. Chief also has the one only Museum in Iragbiji, where he has preserved artifacts in one of the greatest collections to be found at the Obatala Cultural Center on site, along with some of his works as a painter and memorabilia as a pioneer in Traditional African theatre. 

We were able to visit to Osun Grove, where Osun River runs in an everlasting circle of the grove, and the famous Susan Wenger, the artist and devotee to Traditional Yoruba pioneered the everlasting design of sculptures in the grove.  It is here, where they have the yearly Osun Festival, that captivates the many people from around the world, to come pay tribute to Osun.

Another great adventure was to the University of Ife, in Ife, Nigeria, which has the greatest attributed artists and art work in the many areas of textiles, clay, pottery, sculpture, beadwork, embroidery, fabric, recycled art, and wood-works.  It was an honor to be at this campus and meet the aspiring young artists that are making art in phenomenal ways which make Africa rich in its creative evolution.

From this great exchange I was able to dance in a celebration with Oyelami's Dance Group, which is a youth group that is preserving the music and dances of Nigeria. 

After this great trip, our quest was to reunite with our brothers and sisters in an Afro-Cuban group, which are based out of Miami. This festival was rich in preserving the Yoruba and Orisha traditions, and keeping the dances, music and songs present in the vibrant culture of Miami.  Each instructor was endeared with such a pillar of knowledge and application in the culture, it was an honor to be in their presence.  When speaking to the drummers about the Santeria, it was explained that "The greatness of Santeria, is that we were going to find a means to preserve the culture, under the conditions that were present.  The evolution of the Yoruba and Ifa traditions went through great transitions during the times of slavery, that the freedom came in their preservation within Santeria.  If someone came from Africa, they might see the saints and might not know that this saint stood for Orisha.  So, the beauty of it was preserved and dealt with the struggles of these times, and still is evident in the strength of the people."

What a beautiful experience to witness, our brothers and sisters still holding on to such rich traditions.

Currently we would like to request your support: Music, Dance & Celebration Fundraisers, to be held at:  Boys & Girls Club of Stockton, Olympic Circle, Stockton, CA:  August 6th  Time:  4:00 - 7:00 p.m.    Live Music & Food plates Costs: $15.00 per ticket.  Tickets can be purchased in advance.  All funds go to Panafrakan Dance & Music Hist. Ed. Association, Dance & Music Workshops and Festival of Peace & Healing-August 27th, 2011...Sousa Park 

For more information contact: panafrakan@zoomshare.com 

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